34 ft Sea Ray Sundancer

Boat Details

Length 34 ft
Speed 28 knots

Trip Details

34ft Sea Ray Sundancer
Built for comfort and stability, Hubba Hubba, our 34 foot Sea Ray Sundancer is perfect for a luxury day on the water. A spacious and versatile boat, Hubba Hubba accommodates up to ten guests and delivers a smooth ride in all conditions.

On deck, you can enjoy a spacious covered cockpit that’s perfect for relaxing and entertaining. This versatile outside space features flexible seating, refreshment bar with wet bar and ice-maker and an extended swim deck.

When you want a break from the sun, just step into the spacious cabin and enjoy the convenience of a galley with refrigerator, dining salon with table and comfortable full-sized island bed. The full-height shower room features an electric flush toilet and hot/cold shower.

Hubba Hubba is equipped with snorkel gear including vests and spare towels if needed, plus a refrigerator/cooler with ice, bottled water, and juice. And of course, squid to feed the stingrays. You are welcome to bring any additional beverages or food aboard as you wish preferably in non-glass containers.


Stingray City

In one of the most amazing wildlife encounters in the Caribbean, you can swim with, touch and feed the beautiful, gentle stingrays. Your guide will help you get up close and personal, even stealing a kiss for a holiday memory you'll never forget.

Cayman’s most famous attraction and one of the most amazing wildlife encounters in the Caribbean, the Stingray City Sandbar will captivate you. In waist-deep crystal clear water, you can swim with, touch and feed the beautiful stingrays that make their home around the sandbar.

Over the years, as returning fishermen anchored at the sandbar to clean the daily catch, the native Southern Stingrays in the surrounding area grew accustomed to an easy dinner and began to hang out at the sandbar. Nurtured firstly with fishing scraps and now with daily feeding by visitors, the stingray population has thrived and grown to over one hundred and twenty. Multiple generations of these gentle stingrays have lived on the sandbar from birth and welcome the feeding and interaction with visitors.

Guided Snorkeling

Cayman has some of the most amazing coral reefs, and the best of these reefs can only be reached by small boat. On your Crazy Crab adventure, you’ll enjoy guided snorkeling in the most pristine areas of our Marine Parks.

Our guides will position the boat directly over your snorkel site for easy access and give you an orientation, pointing out and explaining what swim pattern they will take to ensure you are not tiring against wind and waves, and that you see all the highlights of that site. This includes any specific creatures to keep an eye out for!

We keep a variety of sizes of all snorkel gear on board to ensure we have something to fit every guest perfectly, so no time is wasted trying to conform to “one size fits all’. Once we have specially selected and helped you don your snorkel equipment, you’ll slip off the swim platform with one of our guides and splash into a spectacular, underwater world, on the lookout for colorful fish, and exotic creatures like spotted eagle rays, queen conch, reef squid, and moray eels.

New to snorkeling, or a little nervous? No worries! There will be one guide on the boat at all times to oversee your group, help if you need assistance adjusting equipment or want tips on how to maximize use of your gear, as well as to answer questions about anything you are seeing below the surface. For our extra cautious snorkelers or small children, we rig a tag line behind the boat – a rope with a float at the end – so you may hold onto the line and be “attached” to the boat the whole time until you feel comfortable venturing out. For our “not so strong” swimmers, we even have snorkeling vests which give extra flotation for your security and support.

Visit Bio Bay in the evening

There are only a handful of bioluminescence or bioluminescent bays in the Caribbean, and not many more than that in the world. They only occur in certain places because they have to happen naturally under very specific conditions. In the Cayman Kai region of Grand Cayman is one of the world’s best Bio Bays.

With a narrow opening to this shallow bay, there is little circulation or movement of water. The water in Bio Bay is very warm and salty with an abundance of nutrients and seagrass, the perfect environment for special microscopic plankton. These plankton occur all over the island, and all over the Caribbean, but the concentration we find in Bio Bay is what makes for a fantastic experience. Because of these plankton “bioluminescence,” it produces a very short burst of light when stimulated by movement.

With snorkeling gear, you’ll float in this magical bay mesmerized as your movements create trails of light in the water. Because this shimmering light show is best experienced on darker nights, our Bio Bay visits are scheduled during the period of the month when the moon is not too bright in the early evening. If the timing and conditions are right, you might even see the mating glow worms which occur two to three days after the full moon.

Your adventure with Bio Bay experience starts in the afternoon for a few hours of daytime fun. Before sunset, we’ll head over to Kaibo beach restaurant when you can enjoy the sunset with a meal or drinks before heading to Bio Bay just after dark. After your magical Bio Bay swim, we’ll cruise back to our dock as you relax and gaze the starry sky.

4 Hour Half Day

  • $1200 USD
  • Get out on the water for four hours with morning or afternoon charter. You’ll have more time to relax and experience swimming with the rays at Stingray City and chillin’ at Starfish Point plus snorkeling at one of the more remote (and pristine) patch reefs.

5 Hour Half Day

  • $1500 USD
  • Choose a five hour morning or afternoon adventure and you won’t be watching the clock. You’ll have lots of time to soak up the sun and fun and fit in a few more experiences or snorkeling sites.

6 Hour Adventure

  • $1750 USD
  • The six hour adventure is perfect for leisurely exploring the sites and enjoying more experiences. Squeezing the most from your half day, you’ll have time to mix your fun with dining at one of the excellent seaside restaurants.

8 Hour Full Day

  • $2200 USD
  • The eight hour adventure will give you time to enjoy all the experiences with total flexibility. Snorkeling, Stingray City, dining … you’ll have time to do it all. We’ll set your departure at a time to suit you.