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Bareboat charters in Cayman Islands

A bareboat charter means you charter a ‘bare’ boat, and supply your own crew (yourself or other crew) to sail or motor the boat. You or the crew will of course need to be qualified and have relevant boating skills and experience to handle the boat.

A bareboat charter could be for any number of days or even weeks. This means that with a bareboat charter you are in complete control of the boat and itinerary and this is great for those looking for true boating freedom. They’re the perfect choice for experienced boaters looking to explore an area or for those returning to a favorite boating destination.

What clients say about our service

  • Sep, 2022

    We had an awesome day on the water. First we went fishing and then snorkeling with the stingrays.

  • Oct, 2022

    We rented the beautiful luxury Searay and had an amazing day with Captain Pierre!

  • Nov, 2022

    Great private dive trip with 3 tank dive - thx for the great day.