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Fishing Charters in Cayman Islands

We offer a large selection of fishing charters. They range from offshore fishing for large species to inshore bottom fishing.

The captain and crew will cruise out to fishing spots where they believe you’ll have the best chance to catch fish. You may need to drop a few lines in the water and wait for the fish to bite. In some cases, the captain will move the boat to other areas to find the fish.

Always establish clear communication with your captain or crew before the trip on what your goal is for the trip. Some clients are looking for any type of fish as long as they have some bites and others are looking for that huge one-in-a-lifetime fish. . Communicate your expectations to the crew and ask any questions and also understand all policies for the trip, including what’s included.

When you hook a fish, you won’t be left to fend for yourself. The captain and crew will be standing by to help you with whatever you need, even if that means they provide the extra strength needed to reel in the big one.

What clients say about our service

  • Sep, 2022

    We had an awesome day on the water. First we went fishing and then snorkeling with the stingrays.

  • Oct, 2022

    We rented the beautiful luxury Searay and had an amazing day with Captain Pierre!

  • Nov, 2022

    Great private dive trip with 3 tank dive - thx for the great day.